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Who will be the NW Regional Admin at NOAA?

Interesting that only the NW region has a politically-appointed administrator; the other 5 regions have career admins…

It took 9 months for Bush Administration to post Lohn to the job. Will Obama/Lubchenko act faster for the sake of our salmon and killer whales?

clipped from www.cbbulletin.com

Lohn Out As NOAA Fisheries Regional Director, Deputy Now Acting Administrator
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Friday, February 13, 2009 (PST)
With the dawning of a new administration, NOAA Fisheries Service’s only politically appointed regional administrator — the Northwest’s Bob Lohn – was ushered out.
“He was a political appointee and they all went out at noon on the 20th,” NOAA Fisheries spokesman Brian Gorman said. Jan. 20 was inauguration day for President Barack Obama. Lohn led the region’s salmon recovery effort, along with other duties, for more than seven years.
Filling in as acting administrator for the Northwest Region is Barry Thom, who had been serving as deputy regional administrator.
Brian Hooker said Wednesday said he did not know how soon a permanent replacement for Lohn would be selected, or whether that replacement would be a “career” civil servant or a political appointee.
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