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Dave Dix as guest columnist in Seattle Times

Dave’s doing a good job of getting the Draft Action Agenda out in the public eye. I’ll have to give it a read before the 20th when comments are due, but it’s distressing that he mentions neither the profound risk of an oil spill decimating the southern residents, nor the potential impact of underwater noise on the orcas and their ability to communicate and forage.
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Guest columnist

Orcas are a call to action on Puget Sound cleanup

The recent alarming news that Puget Sound’s orca population may be starving to death is more than just sad news about an endangered species, it’s a clarion call for action to clean up Puget Sound.

 David Dicks

If orcas, which are at the top of the food chain, are dying from hunger, it doesn’t take a marine biologist to figure out what is happening further down the food chain.

While Puget Sound remains a beautiful sight, just below the surface the evidence is clear that Puget Sound is sick and dying: 52 million pounds of untreated toxic chemicals including oil and petroleum products, PCBs and phthalates flow into the rivers, streams, lakes and bays that make up Puget Sound every year, according to a new report being issued today.

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