You can collaborate within the Orcasphere in the following ways:

  • Read, contribute to, and comment on the Orcasphere blog
  • Join an email list related to killer whales:
    • subscribe to OrcaEd — A list for educators who teach about orcas (educational resources, events, etc.)
    • subscribe to OrcaSci — A list for scientists who study orcas (research plans, coordination, publications, etc.)
  • Contribute to the Orcapedia (wiki)

As of 12/2011, there are a variety of email-based tools available for sharing information about SRKWs and their recovery. Those available through the domain are are listed here —

The email distribution list is used (primarily by hydrophone network members) to share real-time locations of killer whales, mainly when SRKWs are at or approaching a hydrophone node, but also generally. One can request subscription to this list here — It is a private, moderated list which — as stated on the sign-up page — “is currently restricted to researchers and stewards who are dedicated to reducing their impacts on the southern resident killer whales and abiding by the Be Whale Wise law if observing orcas on the water. Evidence of increasing impacts or infractions will result in removal from this list.” As of 12/2011, no commercial whale watch operators are members of this list.

The email address is a catch-all, one-way address for the general public to report “hearings” on the streams; it gets a lot of junk mail and unreliable reports and thus is forwarded to folks who want to follow up and interact with those amateur reporters: Chrissy Mclean (Port Townsend Marine Science Center), Jason Wood (Whale Museum Board Member), Scott Veirs (Beam Reach President), Susan Berta (Orca Network), and Val Veirs (Orcasound hydrophone engineer), and Beam Reach student volunteers.

The private email distribution list used to coordinate maintenance of the Salish Sea Hydrophone Network is  As of 5/2014, its members are: Bre Walker, John Boyd, David Howitt, Howard Garrett, Jason Wood, Jenny Atkinson, Jeanne Hyde, Lon Brockelhurst, Scott Veirs, Susan Berta, and Val Veirs. You can sign up here —

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