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Act to restore the ESA

Here is a link to a site where orca and salmon advocates can write Salazar:
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The Seattle Times

Interior secretary should repeal Bush’s weakening of the Endangered Species Act

OUR new Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has some decisions to make. One of them will clearly signal whether he will fulfill President Obama’s promise to “develop a strategy for restoring scientific integrity to government decision-making” or whether he will continue George W. Bush’s long-standing commitment to undermine scientific integrity.

Salazar has until May 9 to undo one of Bush’s 11th-hour and more regressive policies — one that would gut America’s signature environmental law and the strongest tool we have to protect and restore our majestic plant and wildlife heritage. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) has been our nation’s safety net for species facing extinction since 1973 and it is one of the few legal tools capable of confronting the growing impacts of global warming.
The ESA provides the most complete guide to salmon recovery.
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OR+CA salmon fishery: disaster again

Which Federal scientists are saying that it’s all about climate? Jeff has oversimplified the situation a wee bit, eh what?
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The Seattle Times
Governors seek salmon disaster declaration

The governors of Oregon and California are asking the federal government to declare another West Coast salmon fishery failure – the third in four years.

Commercial salmon fishing has been closed off California and most of Oregon because of dangerously low returns of fall chinook to the Sacramento River, the second largest producer of salmon on the West Coast.

Federal scientists blame it on a combination of climatic conditions that produced very little food in the ocean, and an over-reliance on hatchery fish, which do not have the genetic diversity to cope with changes to their environment.

If approved by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, the declaration would open the way for Congress to appropriate aid for salmon fishermen.

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Elwha dam removal timing

Good news for Elwha salmon from the March NPS newsletter. Might dam removal begin in 2011, instead of 2012? I’m trying to keep track of the timeline (and be sure it doesn’t slip backwards) here.
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Work Progressing on Elwha Construction Projects; Ever Closer to Dam Removal

aerial view of large construction project underway
The Elwha Water Facilities (EWF) and the Port Angeles Water Treatment Plant (PAWTP; pictured) will protect the industrial and drinking water supply for Port Angeles-area users from the increased sediment load the river will carry during and after dam removal.
The PAWTP is scheduled for completion late this coming fall, while construction of the EWF is approximately one year ahead of schedule, with completion anticipated in February 2010.
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Good news for Nooksack salmon

Maybe this ban will help us seek ways to restore floodplains in western Washington after the massive modification of them (from the salmons’ perspective) by large woody debris removal, dredging, diking, development, etc.
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State bill would ban new urban growth in floodplains

Law could affect future city planning along Nooksack River

The bill, which has passed the House and Senate and is headed for Gov. Chris Gregoire’s desk, would prohibit designating new urban growth areas in floodplains, although there are several exceptions that would still allow it.

To read EHB 1967, the bill that would ban expansions of urban growth areas into floodplains, go to, and type in 1967 into “Search by Bill Number.”
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