Dave Dix, Brad Hanson, and Robin Baird on KUOW

This is an hour-long conversation about southern resident killer whales involving Dave Dix, Brad Hanson, and Robin Baird on KUOW’s weekday with Steve Sher.  With luck there will be similar conversations about the state of Puget Sound as we all digest the Puget Sound Partnship’s Draft Action Agenda – 06Nov2008.

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Orcas Dying in Puget Sound

11/06/2008 at 10:00 a.m.

Seven orcas in the Puget Sound region are missing and are presumed dead. What happened? Did food become too scarce when the flow of Chinook slowed down, or is this a much bigger problem? Also, a local agency releases a report on the state of the Sound today. What are the biggest problems in Puget Sound and what can we do to save it?

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