Transients harrassed near Shelton, WA

Interesting Kiro 7 video report regarding harassment of killer whales in Puget Sound during 2010.

And here’s a sighting report from Orca Network that is probably related:

Sighted 2 Orca for sure, when they came back east I thought at one point there were 3. They were in Hammersley Inlet at approximately N 047 12.360 – W 123 1.66, traveling west at 9 AM. East at 11AM. On the way west they were surfacing a lot. On the way east, they sounded right about the listed location and did not surface again in sight (I can see east to about 47 11.943). There was some construction noises going on at Skookum point – loud miter saw. The inlet is only 1/4 mile wide, and they were on the side opposite of me – much deeper water. I have noticed several harbor seals around in the morning lately – there must be food in the area. — Willard.

L pod was sighted that day in Haro Strait, so there are some indications these were transients who are listed as threatened under the ESA and also protected by the MMPA.  Fines could go even higher than $10k if the harassment was criminal, as opposed to civil.

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