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Act to restore the ESA

Here is a link to a site where orca and salmon advocates can write Salazar: http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/1201/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=27107 clipped from seattletimes.nwsource.com Interior secretary should repeal Bush’s weakening of the Endangered Species Act By Joe Scott OUR new Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has some decisions to make. One of them will clearly signal whether he will fulfill President [...]

OR+CA salmon fishery: disaster again

Which Federal scientists are saying that it’s all about climate? Jeff has oversimplified the situation a wee bit, eh what? clipped from seattletimes.nwsource.com Governors seek salmon disaster declaration By JEFF BARNARD The governors of Oregon and California are asking the federal government to declare another West Coast salmon fishery failure – the third in four [...]

Who gets what % of the salmon?

This article is the first I’ve seen that juxtaposes salmon consumption rates of recreational fishers with a non-human predator, in this case, the CA sea lions. It will be an interesting exercise to see what factors reduce the runs on the various rivers of the West Coast where SRKWs forage annually. At 100kg of salmon [...]

Long-term PCB fate and bioaccumulation

N long-term fate and bioaccumulation of PCBs in Puget Sound, Models of contaminant kinetics: Davis 2004 includes an active 10cm layer in Puget Sound Field data: In Puget Sound 1400kg PCBs (estimates range from 600-3500) are in active layer compared with ~7kg in water and ~40kg in biota (estimated from Sandy’s measurments) [PCB] in water: [...]

Toxics assessment process in Puget Sound

James Maroncelli Phase 1 of toxic loadings to PS initiated in 2006 by a coalition (PSAT+WA Ecology+…): realized that air deposition was an important pathway Phase 2: spring 07 $300k from EPA, $300 from Ecology TPA, $55k NOAA funded all programs (because we established a framework for project prioritzation) Surface runoff Atmospheric depositino Permitted wastewater [...]

Juvenile Chinook use pocket estuaries near natal rivers

Eric Beamer, Juvenile Chinook salmon use of small non-natal estuaries  in the Whidbey Basin, eastern Admiralty Inlet, and the San Juan Islands Most of our juveniles are coming from the Skagit, accumulating early in the year (feb-may, some years as early as december, often associated with floods).  Pocket estuaries are safer places (most fish are [...]

North Kitsap Nearshore Fish

Paul Dorn, Preliminary Results of Beach Seine Sampling in 2007 and 2008. Unmarked coho dominated our seines, particularly in may/june.  Coho size about 120-140cm, larger if from hatchery.  Lots of juvenile chum in apr/may/june (many more in 2007 than in 2008, probably due to Dec 07 floods).  2008 pink salmon (may/june) show this is part [...]

Chinook swim bladder smaller than sockeye & coho?

clipped from sciencenow.sciencemag.org Sounds Like My Favorite Fish By Phil BerardelliScienceNOW Daily News12 November 2008 Some of the killer whales off the coast of Washington state are picky eaters, preferring Chinook salmon even though the coho and sockeye varieties are much more plentiful. Researchers report that the whales seem to be able to tell the [...]

BC salmon worse off than DFO says

We’ll need to examine the actual publication, but at first glance this new study demolishes what trust I had that DFO was doing a reasonable job of measuring escapement and managing the catch of B.C. salmon. It seems we should radically adjust how we monitor and manage salmon… perhaps some combination of a coherent, timely [...]

OR salmon threatened by increased logging

The tough balance between logging and fishing continues along the Oregon coast. Killer whales aren’t even on the distant radar in this article… clipped from www.oregonlive.com Coastal salmon at center of forest debate by Michael Milstein, The Oregonian Tuesday December 02, 2008, 8:32 PM TILLAMOOK — Five rivers pour into Tillamook Bay, and together they [...]