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More dams coming to British Columbia rivers?

First I’ve heard of this, but the idea of damming the Hamathko seems sacrilegious.  The heads of those distant inlets and fjords are deep wilderness in my mind, gateways to the fantastic icefields of Mount Waddington and beyond.
Is there really a need for hydropower up there?! I assert that solar, tidal, and/or wind turbines will turn out to be cleaner, greener power options with fewer impacts for killer whales and salmon.
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News Features

Economy won’t halt B.C.’s run-of-river hydroelectric projects

The CEO of one of the province’s largest private-power companies is “absolutely” confident it can finance its run-of-river hydroelectric projects in spite of the economic slowdown.
Marvin Rosenau, a fisheries instructor at BCIT, said he didn’t have enough information to assess whether or not fish will die as a result of the planned development. However, Rosenau told the Straight that he is concerned about the cumulative impact of the numerous independent power projects under way across the province.
According to the company’s December 2008 description of the Bute Inlet project, it is expected to produce 1,027 megawatts of electricity from 17 generating facilities and require the construction of 443 kilometres of transmission lines and about 100 bridges along the Southgate, Orford, and Homathko rivers.
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