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New research money related to Navy sonar

Not sure what this means for southern residents and funding for their researchers, but this is surely good news for beaked whales, as well as killer whales when they may transit Navy training areas in the Salish Sea or off the Washington coast. Thanks to Val Veirs for the tip on this press release.
clipped from www.nrdc.org

Natural Resources Defense Council

Environmental Coalition Reaches Agreement with Navy on Mid-Frequency Sonar Lawsuit

Navy to follow environmental compliance schedule, release classified information on sonar and fund research to benefit marine mammals
LOS ANGELES (December 28, 2008) — After years of litigation with the U.S. Navy over its refusal to prepare environmental impact statements (EIS) for sonar training exercises, a settlement announced Saturday commits the Navy to complete a schedule of full environmental reviews on major training exercises around the world, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The settlement also requires disclosure of previously classified information regarding the Navy’s sonar use and commits the Navy to fund nearly $15 million in new marine mammal research designated by NRDC and co-plaintiffs.
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